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Beauty Treatment / Cosmetic Surgery

City TourBeauty Treatment / Cosmetic Surgery
Not only everyone has a desire to be beautiful, but also we have grown more beautiful.
So, people usually fix their hair and get their face on makeup.
In addition, they take good care of themselves by bathing, massaging, and exercising regularly.
To improve their looks, they have some plastic surgery, such as, double eyelid, bridge of the nose, breast surgery, petit breast, and removing the other surplus fat.
TOURKOREA contracts reliability of hospitals, so you can visit to hospital with an easy mind.

  GRAND COSMETIC SURGERY  ( http://www.grandsurgery.com)
  HERSHE COSMETIC SURGERY   ( http://eng.hershe9.co.kr/)
Plastic Surgery
Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, facial contouring, wrinkles plastic, plastic body (liposuction), fat graft, scar surgery, Botox, fillers and calf plastic
Acne, pores, wrinkles, freckle, skin disease, tattoo removal, stretch marks, facial flushing, cosmetic laser clinic.
Beauty industry : makeup, hair, nail and skin care (skin care)