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Duty Free Shop

Duty Free Korea carries a wide range of luxury brads as well as brand-name electronics, jewelry, eyewear and foods. In addition, there are a variety of traditional Korean products including ginseng, goods and crafts.

Goryeo[Korean] ginseng

A cultivated ginseng plant can take from four to six years to grow, from selecting the seeds to harvesting, and the more attention given to cultivation, the greater its medicinal effect. Considered a cure for various illnesses even in modern times, Goryeo ginseng has more effectiveness than any other type of ginseng and is effective towards prevention and treatment of most diseases.


Functional Cosmetics strive to develop high quality products. These are very efficient in anti-aging products, or with enhanced skin-lightening capabilities. According to apply the product, people could get a tan, or protect their skin against the sun by wearing sunscreen. Cosmetic of Korea are to become a world-famous products.

Jewelry Amethyst

Amethyst occurs in primary hues from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. Traditionally, it symbolized the nobles. When it is hard to create purple color, purple dress that could only kings and nobles. These purple amethysts are a good match for their purple dress.

Extracts of the Hovenia dulcis (헛개나무) fruit

The Korea Food & Drug Administration approved on December 2008 that extracts of the Hovenia dulcis fruit can protect and help recover the liver from substances such as alcohol. Also, it is very effective in relieving hangovers. The main chemical for this effect in Hovenia dulcis is Quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. (Effects : hepatosis, hepatitis, fatty liver, alcoholic cirrhosis, an action fo neutralization liver,.etc)

Dongdaemun Market

The years have seen the once conventional, smaller market change into a fashion Mecca almost overnight. Wholesalers and retailers are operated. Here you can pick up original fashions designed by Korea’s young designers, the prices are great, but you can try bargaining them down even lower. These shopping centers are all at least 10 floors high and contain hundreds of stores.


Myeongdong, located at the historic center of Seoul in Jung-gu, is one of the core districts in Korea. With hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities, Myeondong attracts hundreds of thousands of people every day. Dating couples frequent the area as part of their “dating course” as there are many things to do all within arm’s reach, including the newly reborn Cheonggyecheon not too far away.